The Wild Side

Sometimes life does indeed seem ho-hum. Same old routine—a quick coffee, a bit of exercise, a list of errands to run—same old, same old. But we have the solution—the glossy green on jungle leafs, a whiff of incense, the glimmer of a wild cat’s eyes all stand ready to shake you from your torpor. No one needs to know that after a demure day at a charity luncheon or acting mild-mannered at a meeting, you come home, shut the doors to your inner sanctum and take a walk on the wild side.


From private Master Baths to oft-overlooked Powder Rooms, jungle-inspired designs are taking the place of those earth-colored staid and stolid sinks of yesterday. Kohler’s Top Art Collection is sure to bring transport you to a steamy fantasy alive with rare blossoms, leafy canopies, and the muffled roars of the big cats.


Sultry and exotic Zanzibar (pictured above) takes it inspiration from the wild landscape and animals of Tanzania. A leopard print countertop is the perfect setting for a sink copying a 19th century textile from the region—a veritable paradise that can now be recreated in your bath.



A densely forested part of Africa, is the inspiration for Congo, also part of the Top Art collection by Kohler. The countertop features dense foliage cast with shadows of an impending twilight. Black and grey bands in the sink itself are reminiscent of an archeological strata from this ancient region. Don’t be misled by the subtle color palette. This collection evokes the wildlife camouflaged just out of view.



Asia’s sacred rain drums are the inspiration for Kamala. Such drums are used to summon beauty and grace to the community. You can now partake of such blessings in your own bath. A low relief pattern begins at the vessel’s edge and bands of ridges, scrolls, link and elevated dots cover the surface. A ring of columns direct the flow of the water towards the integrally cast drain.

North Africa was another wild region, fought over by Turks, Berbers and many tribes trying to wrest control from each other from this time-honored, and always valuable, destination. Named for the ancient capital of Morocco, Marrakesh was inspired by Moorish architecture found in this magical city that once served as a stop along a major trade route to the famous Timbuktu. Specifically, Marrakesh’s top found inspiration from mosaics found in a quaint Moroccan courtyard, while the intricate and abstract floral pattern that embellishes the lavatory basin was inspired by artwork found in mosques. Today, you needn’t call your travel agent to enjoy the rich and lavish patterns of this multi-textured culture, simply step into your own Master Bath and be transported.


Cast off the everyday with these beautiful sinks and lavatories from Kohler—available at fine retailers all over Southwest Florida.

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