Talis Park : Community Profile : Southwest Florida


Kitson & Partners has brought an energized spirit to Talis Park by introducing a lifestyle focused on personal health and well-being, more attuned to family and friends, and more conscious of long-term value and legacy. Kitson’s “New Fashioned” concept for the community represents a shift in thinking that is inspiring the evolution of Talis Park and serves as the foundation for the creation of one of the most extraordinary luxury home communities in Naples.

Resident Ready homes at every stage of the construction continuum are available in Talis Park’s neighborhoods. Designed to meet buyer demand for fully completed or nearly completed residences, the Resident Ready Program includes homes ranging from completed fully-furnished models, to completed unfurnished residences, and residences in varying stages of construction. Buyers are free to choose when they wish to engage in the buying process and the degree to which they prefer to be involved with feature and finish selections.

For more information, call the Talis Park experts:

The Talis Park Garden House Sales Center
16980 Livingston Road
Naples, FL
34110 239.449.5900

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