SLEEPING BEAUTY | What Color Do You Dream?

Bedrooms are private sanctuaries, retreats, sacred spaces where you go to relax, rejuvenate, and unwind the tangles from the day. “You might as well make it your favorite room in the house,” says Cindy Gayer, owner of Window Wear Design. “It is the only room in your home where you can truly express yourself. It is for your eyes only—and should make you happy every time you open the door.” Custom bedding is an easy, obtainable quick fix to make your entire boudoir dreams-come-true. Go on, dream a little dream.

Gayer and her savvy team at Window Wear Design, creatively collaborate with customers to create luxurious bedding that is both fashionable and highly reflective of personal style. From Gayer’s point of view, the issue with most commercial bedding is that it is a “one size fits all” look ─ formulaic and bland. Custom bedding creates blending and layering of various textures, patterns, and colors for a more sophisticated, individual flair.  It gives a bedroom that extra pow-factor, and elevates it from ordinary to spectacular.



Often, customers approach Gayer with a sample of wallpaper or a picture cut out of a magazine. “We can match anything, or alternatively, we help people imagine what their dream bedroom would look like.”  Whether their look is crisp and cool, classic, or romantic, Window Wear Design can bring it to life with custom upholstery, embellishments, throws, pillows, and other accessories. They even have experience with pet-friendly bedding.



“Recently, we had a mom bring in her 14-year old daughter to pick out something special for her bedroom,” explains manager Sarah Spenik. “They could not find anything they liked in stores. It was all too juvenile, too fussy, or just too ordinary. Young girls are very particular about how they like to express themselves. They had a ball picking out fabrics and accent colors! This girl will be the envy of all her friends.” Spenik goes on to add that another benefit of custom bedding is that it can be easily modified as a child ages or as preferences evolve. By swapping pillows, replacing a bed skirt, or re-upholstering a headboard the look and feel of a room can be transformed in subtle or dramatic ways.



Gayer encourages her clients to experiment. Upholstered headboards are popular now, as is mixing together tailored, dressmaker detailing on graphic floral for a slightly less buttoned-up look.  Coral is very trendy and sea-inspired colors are always a perennial favorite in Southwest Florida. More than any other room in the house, Gayer believes, there are no hard and fast decorating rules in the bedroom. The goal is to have it just the way you want it.



“Once you have customized linens,” she says, “it is very hard to go back. You get the look you love, plus the fit is perfect, and you can have the filling you want. In Florida, many people are looking for a lighter cover so they choose four ounces of filling. Most of the commercially available bedding comes with six to ten ounces of filler which is a bit too much.”


While many people think of custom bedding as a luxury, Gayer takes the attitude that everyone deserves to have the bedroom of their dreams. “A great bedroom has the ultimate restorative effect on the mind, body, and soul. That’s a necessity in my book—not a luxury.” So, the question is “What color do you dream?”


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