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Our homes serve many purposes beyond merely providing us a place of shelter; they offer us a space to rejuvenate and restore our minds, a setting to enjoy cherished family and friends, and the opportunity to reflect our own unique personalities and sense of style. Each element in a room makes a statement – and the right choices can transport us away from the mundane and into our own personal oasis.


One important element of design that is often overlooked is the cocktail table.  Its prime position in the room creates the perfect canvas for showcasing an artistic flair. Located in the heart of Naples, J Mark Designs provides clients with the unique, art-inspired Oggetti line of cocktail tables, each one a work of art. “They’re a unique combination of fluid movement and interesting woodwork,” says Lead Designer Scott Moser. “The result is something magical, like a sculpture floating in front of the sofa.”


Oggetti’s artists approach their craft by coaxing the wood with expert precision, often pushing the limits of its capability, without compromising its functionality.  This powerful combination of skill and imagination serve to create a treasured piece that invites conversation, attention and admiration. Moser shares his thoughts on three of their most exceptional Oggetti cocktail table designs:


Geo Square Cocktail Table:

“This award-winning design is definitely more of a sculptural piece.  It is artistry in motion.  While it has an organic element to it, it also has a level of sophistication that allows it go either formal or contemporary.  It’s organically sophisticated,” shares Moser.

Nautilus Cocktail Table:

“The Nautilus is so free-flowing and unexpected.  Even though it’s done in this gorgeous veneered wood, it has a beautiful, almost infinity, shape to it.  It spirals down like a snail coming out of its shell.  The eye doesn’t stop traveling when you look it.  It’s almost spiritual and soothing to the eye.  It has such a feeling of Zen,” Expresses Moser.

Cube Cocktail Table:

“The Cube has an interesting, geometric flair.  The eye is drawn to the classic square, giving us the comfort level and functionality that were used to, but the piece offers this unique artistic movement, as well.  Different tones in the blocks and shapes, offer interest. It feels almost like urban meets country—but with a level of sophistication,” reflects Moser.

Oggetti works closely with their stable of artists and craftsmen to create a collection that is always changing with new finds and discoveries. While these unique pieces may be more modern in appearance, Moser advises against limiting their use to a strictly contemporary setting, “allow yourself to step outside of the box. Call it an interesting piece of art and incorporate it that way,” he says.  With the addition of an Oggetti cocktail table from J Mark Designs, a homeowner is capable of pushing beyond the bounds of ordinary to create an artistry all their own.


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Written by Marci Wise

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