MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL | Creating Light & Space By Designing with Mirrors


Snow White’s nemesis, The Evil Queen, coos, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” as she stares for prolific answers from the silvery looking glass. As homeowners and designers, we too stare hypnotically into mysterious mirrors and find ourselves utterly lost in their beauty and light. The power of a mirror is multifaceted: to reflect one’s image, to add design interest to a room, to brighten an otherwise dark and drab nook, or to enlarge a space-challenged home.


One of the most popular questions posed to designers today is, “What can I do to make a room feel bigger, brighter, and more interesting?” The resounding response–mirrors! Whether used singularly or hung in groups, mirrors reflect light and maximize space and create that  whimsical “Je ne sais pas” look, as the French say.

Reflective surfaces bounce light around a room, so they are great for making spaces feel brighter and lighter. The designers at Peach Tree Designs are experts in “The Art of Mirrors,” and have the keen know-how to create this designer magic. Peach Tree Designs owner and designer, Judy Collins shares, “Decorating with mirrors is not as easy as one would think.  Just throwing one up on a wall when you don’t have any artwork to fill the space is NOT the solution.  Mirrors have to be placed strategically.  It’s all about the reflection!  Mirrors bring light, depth, and life into any room.  Think of them as adding windows to your space.  They emphasize views and reflect colors from other walls or art in the room.”


She continues, “Mirrored furniture is another great way to add sparkle and life in an unexpected way.  From cocktail and small end tables to hutches and nightstands, almost anything (that you can’t sit on!) can be found with mirrors.  Try placing mirrors at the back of your bookcase to highlight some of your special collected objects, like a piece of coral.  An ideal way to add depth and light!”

Hang a mirror adjacent to a window, and you will instantly make the room feel bigger. Hang a mirror in a dark room and it will magically become brighter and feel larger. Place an oversize mirror on the floor leaning on a wall and you create a casual, hip feel.


Mirrored accessories add sparkle and gleam to tables, bookcases, and rooms. Picture frames with a beveled mirror frame, mirrored lamps or sconces, mirror trays for jewelry or cosmetics, and mirrored fixtures will all bounce light around a room and create a chic sparkled ambiance. Even little mirrored occasional tables will launch a room with luminous light and twinkle.

Peach Tree Designs co-owner and designer, Stacie Carroll adds, “We love using large floor mirrors as a focal point in any room, not just the bedroom.  If used correctly, it can be a bold statement.  We’ve used them in design jobs, hung on the horizontal, over a sofa.  Think outside the box when it comes to mirror placement.” Creating light and space can also be accomplished in some surprising design choices , she continues, “I used it as my backsplash under the cabinets in my kitchen, to expand the space and give it some sparkle.  It looks amazing with the white shaker style cabinets and stainless steel appliances.  My mother once mounted mirrored tiles on the ceiling of a small, dark powder room.  It not only added much needed light, but elements of fun and surprise as well.”


The other beauty of mirrors are that they are available in all decor styles, materials, sizes and shapes. A coastal decor may be highlighted perfectly with a seashell or driftwood framed wall mirror, or a steel mirror will accent a contemporary design, whereas an elegant traditional home style can be accented with a Venetian silver, gold or intricately carved wooden frame. When selecting a mirror for your room, take into consideration the room’s style, wall size, placement near other light sources, and color palette theme. There is a mirror suited for each personal design style, and size to be matched with the space available.



Another creative design trick is to hang mirrors in groupings. This arrangement should be done with the assistance of a design professional, as the different sizes and shapes and colors need to be arranged just so to create a magnificent design statement.


The design professionals at Peach Tree Designs have impeccable knowledge on mirror selection to assist you in choosing just the right mirror for just the right space. Before your design meeting, take notes on your color palette, the position of lights and windows, and the spaces available to introduce these portals of silvery mystery and light. They, and the mirrors, will shed new light on your home design. Mirror, mirror on the wall–you and your home will be the fairest of them all!



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