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Abracadabra. A magic carpet awaits – an entirely custom designed rug with just the right colors and patterns to perfectly complement one’s personal style and decor. All it takes is a little imagination and help from the experts to create a distinctive finishing touch to create some ‘floor magic’ for any room.



Today’s designs emphasize personal style, and both designers and homeowners are finding more creative outlets to incorporate custom-designed furnishings, materials, and colors into their design plans. A hand-selected objet, a work of art, or a personally commissioned piece adds tremendous character and panache to a room. Often overlooked, but increasingly popular, is a custom carpet design.  Few things do more to tie a room together than a carpet especially created for the space, as it sets the entire tone, palette and style for the room.



“With all the effort that goes into getting a home just right, there is no need to compromise by picking a carpet from the shelf,” says John Craig of Carpet Designs in Naples. “Why be satisfied with colors that aren’t true or a pattern that’s too bold or not bold enough? Anything is possible with custom design. I encourage homeowners to have the carpet that does the most for their space.”



The process for creating a custom carpet is simpler than many people realize, due, in part, to software that lets customers see accurate renderings of designs before any decisions are made. The first step is to choose the textile colors and designs. This is generally accomplished in a showroom with the help of a designer, who will reference rug samples and catalogs as well as color swatches related to the home’s palette. Once that happens, the initial renderings are produced. “Our software produces quality renderings so that our customers can feel confident about what the final product will look like,” explains Craig. “The resolution is so high you can actually see the shine of the silk and the weave of the rug.”



After the rendering is accepted, a small two-by-three foot sample is made, and when that is approved, the final carpet is woven by master craftsmen. The process usually takes four to six months, no longer than most furniture orders require.



Some of the most commonly used fibers in carpet include wool, silk, a wool/silk blend, and hemp. Carpet textures and finishes vary depending upon weaving style and preference for high or low cut pile.
Carpet Design commissions most of its custom-made carpets from Katmandu, Nepal. They are all intricately hand-knotted, as is the category of rugs known as Oriental. Most of the work is done by Tibetan craftsmen. Carpet Design is a direct importer from four different weavers in Nepal, and also represents several larger resources.

“Often a customer will like the overall look of a carpet in the showroom, but two or three of the colors won’t be quite right, or the scale will be slightly off,” says Craig. “We can address that in a custom design.”



“It’s certainly worth doing,” Craig adds. “We have never had a client that didn’t love their carpet when it came in.”

Designers often note that carpet and rug designs are the starting point for designing a room. The color, the tone, the style, and personality is established by the rug design. All other furnishings follow, and take cues from its song of colors and design. The magic truly is in the rug; as it offers the homeowners and each of its guests a magic ride into that home’s decor scheme. With an endless variety of options in colors and designs, custom rug design is truly a dream come true for all its dreamweavers.

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