HOW SOON IS NOW | Hurricane Season Starts Today

June 1, 2012: Today is the first day of Hurricane Season. Which means, if you are not already protected—then the time to prepare is now—and, not in September when the meteorologists are already tracking T1’s traveling across the ocean from Africa. Being prepared, placing the right plans into action, and proactively fitting your home to ‘weather the storm’ is key to surviving through the upcoming season.


“It’s easy to get complacent about storm protection,” says Mark Schwartz “but it is a mistake that often leads to regret.”  As owner and president of Storm Force, one of Southwest Florida’s leading hurricane protection companies, Schwartz has witnessed first-hand the financial and emotional toll hurricanes create for homeowners.  “I have seen a lot of unhappy people second guessing their decisions after the fact. Why chance it? It’s the best insurance you can get—and there is a solution for every property.”


“Hurricanes are the only natural disaster you can protect yourself against,” he emphasizes, “there is not much you can do about a tornado, flood or earthquake, but properly protecting your home (in advance) will make a huge difference in whether it will sustain wind or water damage during a hurricane.”



The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts between two and four tropical storms during the 2012 hurricane season with a 20 percent chance of an above-normal season of more than five storms with hurricane potential.  “The weather has been so unpredictable lately; I’m not sure there is a normal anymore,” says Schwartz. “So why take chances?  You and your family deserve the peace-of-mind that proper protection provides.”


Hurricane damage happens when a window or door is breached by flying debris or wind, and the house becomes pressurized. In order for the pressure to be released, roofs separate and walls collapse. Once that occurs the contents of the home are generally destroyed.  Shattered glass, wind, and water can create a tremendous mess, which may be expensive or impossible to repair. Even condominiums with concrete ceilings can be damaged by hurricane force winds and water.


“A storm always finds its way to the weak spot in a home. Fortunately there are lots of exceptional protection products and systems available.” Following a thorough, free, no-obligation assessment of each home, Storm Force reviews all the options with the homeowners. These might range from panels, accordion or roll down shutters, to Armor Screen® or high impact doors and windows. “There’s a solution for every home and every budget. The most important thing is to put protection in place. Whether you want the convenience of roll-down shutters, economical and tough Armor Screen®, or high impact windows, we can custom design and install a system that suits your needs.”




All of Storm Force’s panel and shutter systems are custom hand-cut and assembled at their Naples facility for exact fit and superior value. Schwartz estimates that customers should allow six to eight weeks for the manufacture and installation of high impact doors and windows, with three to four weeks required for various screen and shutter options.


“The time is now to protect your home and family from hurricanes,” says Schwartz. “Don’t wait. It’s a decision you’ll never regret.” And while hurricanes are top-of-mind, Schwartz also urges homeowners to have a hurricane preparation kit and evacuation plan ready. “More storms hit Florida than any other state.  Being prepared is just the right thing to do.”


Written by Sarah Adams

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