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Who wouldn’t want a piece of modern design history in their living room? Timelessness, high quality construction, investment potential and of course, refined aesthetic appeal make designer furniture imminently collectible, and right now, inspired by the success of the television show Mad Men, mid-century modern designs are especially hot.

The two-armed sofa shown above was designed by Vladimir Kagan, one of the pioneers in 20th century contemporary design, and is part of his Skulptur Couture Collection, a limited edition of authentic reproductions custom made in the United States under Kagan’s supervision. Kagan’s sculptural forms have been a favorite of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Walt Disney, David Lynch, Andy Warhol and Donna Karan. Clean flowing lines underscore a luxurious seating experience and like many of his pieces, this would look right at home in Don Draper’s living room.

J Mark Eclectic Home has become the premier home for Weiman Upholstery in Naples, FL. Weiman is a Christianburg, VA-based company in business for 45 years that is widely considered a leader of innovative design and fashion-forward upholstery, with a special commitment to color and boldly styled concepts.

Every piece of Weiman’s is hand-built, with no prefabricated components used in the manufacturing process. “This means customers are receiving custom made one-of-a-kind furniture with warranties for life on the frames they purchase,” Mark Felix says.

The smooth lines of the furniture are supported by high-tech construction. The state of the art Pirelli Web suspension system allows Weiman to create a cleaner design with inside and outside curves, and narrower seats that are not possible with other technologies commonly used in the industry. It’s not just about a pretty picture, either: The design is built to last. The ultracell foam used in manufacturing assures that no fluffing will be needed and that the sofas retain their shape for many years through the wear and tear of everyday living.

While this sofa is utterly modern in form, its graceful ease will complement any interior. In fact, midcentury modern furniture is especially adaptable to mixing and matching.

“A huge variety of fabrics are available to choose from in our store,” Felix says. “In addition, customers may bring in their own fabrics to customize these pieces. Please allow us to work with you and create your own seating based on your unique needs.”

Written by Elisa Ludwig

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