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There is a certain nostalgia and simple beauty to nautical-style.  It almost transports us directly to the high seas, and calls out for an adventurous journey. With a very fine line between coastal-style and nautical chic, we will help create that pure mariner spirit within your own home with some simple tips from the designers at Peach Tree Designs in Naples, Florida and Cape Cod.


With two coastal sister stores, the designers at Peach Tree Designs are well versed in how to chart a course and hit your mark on a design map. Begin with your color palette, and take cues from the land and sea: sandy beiges, watery blues, sea grass greens, fresh coastal whites or driftwood browns. Stacie Carroll, store manager in Naples who’s mother started the family business nearly 35 years ago, suggests considering a “basic palette of a smartly paired nautical navy and bright white, reflected in clean, striped window treatments, breezy fabrics, throws, and puffy pillows.” Rich navy wall paint, paired with a clean white chair rail, can also highlight the beautiful warm tones of wooden furniture.



Consider adding accent colors, such as nautical red or the popular hue of coral. A basic white room can lend itself as an ideal backdrop for a clean nautical-style design. Layer the room with interesting wooden furniture pieces, jute rugs, brass boating artifacts, telescopes, hurricane lamps or even fill glass containers with a rainbow of gleaned sea glass that adds extra sparkle.



Peach Tree Designs offers their clients a multitude of decor accents to build upon these colors, which may present themselves in seafaring artwork, seashell accent mirrors and pillows, colorful throws, as well as a myriad of other maritime objects.  Specialty furniture pieces by Starbay, made from rosewood, are reminiscent of European colonial campaigns and luxurious travel in the early 20th century.  Additional antique finds such as brass lanterns, lobster traps, sailing ropes or boating oars, used in moderation, can add that whimsical nautical spirit.  A collection of natural coral, artfully displayed on a table surface or mantle, can be a beautiful and elegant accent element.



According to Carroll, “There is a delicate line between nautical-style and what is considered coastal.  The yachting lifestyle has to be a major focus when choosing a nautical design path.”  With another sister store anchored in New England, both shops offer a vast collection of high-end sailing art, model pond yachts, and furniture with character, some of which are covered in navigational maps.  Carroll adds, “A key focal point for any nautical decor is a quite unique and totally exquisite antique pond yacht.  Not only is it an immediate conversation piece, but it evokes a sense of nostalgia for seafaring days gone by.  It can set an impressive tone for the entire room!  We have an incredible source in the Boston area for truly one of a kind ships.”



Carroll continues to suggest combining your own personal collections in tandem with other eclectic finds from their savvy selection.  Peach Tree Designs is well-versed in nautical style and they will surely whet your appetite;  willingly share their wealth of ideas, while insuring that your existing treasures don’t go overboard.  With their expert guidance, you can achieve the mariner mix that results in your own personal statement.





More simplistic ideas to complete this look include cable knit sweater-style throws, natural rugs, sea shells, coils of rough rope cleanly curled-up on a bookcase, or brass hurricane lanterns that add design interest.  Old navigation maps are the perfect reclaimed source to transform an accent wall, placemats, tray coverings or lampshades. Old ship brass portholes are also a fun and interesting design element which can be displayed on a book shelf or repurposed into mirrors.






Whether you are considering designing a quaint cottage or seaside sunroom, you’ll want to be securely anchored in basic design elements. Peach Tree Designs caters to their customers’ needs.  Carroll says, “We have created a friendly, warm, and inviting atmosphere – nothing about our stores suggest haste or ‘good enough.’ Everything is done with an eye to perfection.” She continues, “Customers frequently remark on the ambiance, the beautiful displays, and the inspiration they evoke. We believe that great design does not have to be expensive and each piece is thoughtfully chosen with quality, style and value in mind. Essentially, the Peach Tree principle is the ‘how’ of putting furniture and accessories together.  We want our customers to look at a display and visualize how it would transfer to their home”.


Let Peach Tree Designs assist you in your “nauti” project.  They will wisely chart your course to set you sailing in the right direction!



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Written By Maria Elena Coccari

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