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In Talis Park, a team of visionary builders and designers has come together to create a fusion of the traditional and the modern—the Barlovento estate home. The result of this collaboration between developer Kitson & Partners, residential designer Dan Sater, Fox Custom Builders, and Clive Daniel Home, is an original masterpiece that provides open, fresh interiors and simple, elegant details, in a transitional French chic style. With 3,446-square-feet, including three bedrooms, three full baths, and a study, the home balances the desires for both luxury and casual living into a space that can accommodate all life’s activities. “This home proves that a harmony between great builders and designers can result in a space that is in touch with today’s market and offers something for everyone,” shares John Hillman of Kitson & Partners.

While remaining true to Talis Park’s characteristic Tuscan feel, the exterior of the home uses subtle elements, such as Asian-inspired brick patterns and lighting fixtures, to hint at the innovative treasures inside. A front courtyard also sets it apart from other homes in the community, defining a distinctly welcoming entry space.

Entering the home, one is presented with an unobstructed view through the entry hallway to a backdrop southern exposure of swimming pool, golf course, and nature preserve. “We are particularly proud of the open and airy feeling of the interior,” states Nicole Fox of Fox Custom Builders. This effect is maintained throughout the construction and design by the integration of large windows, vertical accents, and the continuous reflection of light off of mirrors, marble, and glass. “But, it’s all the little architectural details that make this home so special,” adds Fox. Some of those “little details” include the crisp architectural lines, extensive Queen Beige polished travertine marble, smooth paint finishes, and casement windows—a feature uncommon to Florida homes.

For the Clive Daniel Home’s design team of Chad Elkins and Kelley Bridwell, the greatest influence for this project comes from the Chinese Chippendale style, which can be seen in every part of the home through its replication of simple, elegant geometric patterns. The most original application of this influence can be seen in the ceiling designs. “We decided to take the classic Chinese Chippendale motif, expand and exaggerate it, and place it on the ceiling,” explains Bridwell. “As a fan of this traditional historic style,” shares Elkins. “I can say that I’ve never seen it applied to a ceiling in this way. This is entirely fresh and new.”

“The entryway marble is the inspiration for the color palette,” imparts Bridwell. “The use of neutral colors through every element of the design maintains unity and allows the owner to create their own color in the space.” This approach is revealed in the eclectic choice of metal fixtures and furnishings, the use of mirrors and glass, and the selection of fabric patterns, furthering the blend of the traditional and the modern.

The beauty of the home’s outdoor surroundings is brought graciously into the living room through wide glass panes and the placement of natural adornments, such as the rustic coffee table. A built-in entertainment system rests against a crisp and classy polished tile wall. Tall vertical niches introduce a pattern of rectangular symmetry found throughout the home and accentuate the sense of vibrant, airy space.

The rectangular sequences are repeated and reinforced within the dining room walls and ceiling. “Dining here is a unique experience,” describes Elkins. “The facing mirrors and wide view of the outdoors creates a wonderful sense of open space as light and image is reflected around the room.”

The kitchen provides stylish clean appeal in the continuance of neutral colors, with surprise amber accents to delight the eye. Specialty glass tile backsplashes add energy to the space and enhance the height of the original Clive Daniel Home cabinetry design. A central countertop and bar allow for ease of both culinary endeavors and casual entertaining.

Within the study, traditional and modern features fuse in a distinctive and cozy charm. The home’s exclusive ceiling design is repeated here above French oak floors, continuing the play of light and dark tones. Over the double glass exterior doors, an upper transom window invites the eye upward towards an open sky. The selection of eclectic metal, wood, and stone furnishings, along with photographs of Old Naples, establishes a singular sense of place and time.

Eclectic world influences are echoed in the master bath. A raised Ipe wood deck, with a gentle, naturalistic curve, supports the graceful free-standing bathtub. A pair of casement windows, set high in the polished marble wall, reinforces the sequential design, allowing sunlight to spill inward while still maintaining privacy. Asian inspired fixtures and decorative furnishings combine to promise a luxurious spa-like experience.

The master bedroom is an inviting retreat of serenity and style, where the home’s signature design themes are simplified further in order to encourage calm and relaxation. Large, carefully placed windows ensure plenty of natural light and a splendid morning view of the landscaping and golf course, beyond.

By drawing the pool in close to the home and breaking up the backdrop with lush landscape pieces, the home’s rear exterior seems to become part of the natural surroundings. Fountains and a spill-over spa add a delightful auditory element reminiscent of hidden waterfalls.

The exceptional level of craftsmanship revealed in the home does not stop with the main living areas, though. “One of the nice touches to this home is that the guest rooms are not forgotten—each one is given a wonderful view and its own special courtyard,” states Hillman. “The exceptional collaboration and thorough attention to detail makes this home complete for all who step inside.”


Written by Scott Hickerson
Photography by Giovanni Photography

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