COLOR YOUR WORLD | Designing with Light and Shades by Coulisse®

Natural light is a design element that no Florida homeowner can ignore. Making the most of it, while sometimes a challenge, can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary. Happily, the job has just gotten easier with the introduction of fresh and fashionable new shade solutions by Coulisse®, one of the leading European brands in interior window treatment.  “There’s finally something new and exciting on the market,” exclaims Cindy Gayer of Window Wear Design.

Coulisse® is making a huge splash with their products. Panels have been around for some time, but the sophistication and luxuriousness of the Coulisse® designs elevates them to a whole new level.” Just as designers and architects are trending towards simpler approaches, so too is the window wear industry, explains Gayer. “Layers of fabrics and trims are being replaced by a sleeker, more refined look which is equally sumptuous, just more subtle.”

Established in the Netherlands in 1992, Coulisse® shades are superbly decorative and highly functional. However, their most striking advantage may well be that they allow designers and homeowners to experiment with light in a room.

The new collection includes sliding panels of translucent jacquard fabrics, woven natural textiles that filter the light, and double hung panels that add texture and interest while softening a room’s brightness. Depending upon their configuration, they can diffuse and direct the light, create and play with shadows, and manage the desired level of privacy.

The panels are available in a wide range of solid and printed fabrics including organic prints, hand-painted effects, and washed batiks. Several have cutouts for added visual interest. They come in plenty of neutral tones as well as contemporary fashion colors. The collection includes more than 700 types of high-fashion fabrics and materials for all kinds of panels – flat, honeycomb, and pleated. All of the Coulisse® designs can be motorized and controlled by a hand-held remote or linked to a home automation system to provide easier access and save on energy. Their noiseless motor makes automated natural light management a pleasure.

Another wonderful feature is the accompanying collection of cord and chain weights in a variety of jewel-toned materials and metals. These luxurious bobbles are stand-outs, making a perfect, personal style statement nestled against the beautiful panels.

“Light effects how we feel in a room, and these deluxe panel solutions do an incredible job of setting the mood and creating a beautiful environment,” says Gayer. “We encourage everyone to jettison their old images of window panels and consider these stunningly chic shade solutions. They beautifully diffuse and radiate light while providing privacy. They’re fresh and modern and elegant, and they work with almost every decorating style. Plus, they’re incredibly user-friendly and low maintenance.”

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Written by Sarah Adams

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