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Carpe Diem. And if not now, then when? Go bold. Life is short, and one should be encouraged to follow all their dreams and that includes courageous home design. Designers are now complimenting cabinetry with eye-catching hardware—like jewelry for the kitchen—these pretty pieces are not only functional but also fashionable and seizing the way!





Kitchens By Clay is a dealer for the Carpe Diem line. A private hardware company, Carpe Diem offers a gorgeous collection of cabinetry knobs, pulls and home accessories featuring intricate design, beautiful and unusual patinas and best of all Swarovski crystal elements. Swarovski has a 117-year legacy of collaborating with designers from a bevy of industries. This marriage of crystal and cabinet hardware offers inspiring possibilities that range from truly sumptuous to sweetly romantic.



Crystal and glass has been widely used in hardware throughout history, reaching a peak during the Victorian period. “We’re coming full circle in appreciating the luster and sparkle these accessories add to cabinetry and spaces as a whole,” shares Kelly Cox, Managing Owner of Kitchens By Clay in Naples. “They really are eye-catching and grab you from the other side of the room.”


“People always inquire, what are the latest trends in decorative hardware? I have to tell them that there are no true trends to follow anymore. Anything goes. Decorating is more personal and less formulaic than it has been in the past.  It is mix and match and the choice is yours. There are no rules, only an amazing gallery of beautiful accessories.” shares Cox.



For almost two decades, the Kitchens By Clay team has been designing cabinetry for kitchens, baths, libraries, and other spaces throughout Southwest Florida. Boasting two Naples showrooms, Cox showcases high-end custom cabinetry, as well as value components to achieve the customized look her clients’ desire. Hardware is the finishing touch. And much like glittery jewelry, Cox asserts it adds that ‘certain something’ that makes a room memorable. “It’s the quickest way to dress up a kitchen, add some personality to a tired space, or make an entirely new statement. It’s remarkable how new hardware can completely transform a look. ”



The Swarovski crystal elements selected for the Carpe Diem collection are available in shades of gold, amber, ruby red, pink blush, and raspberry, and are set in exquisite handcrafted designs and finishes such as antique brass, blonde mink, cobblestone, jet, bronze, and more.


Carpe Diem offers a veritable plethora of hardware styles including: Acanthus, European Elegance, Old World, Tropical, and Americana.  There is a hardware collection to suit every décor—modern, traditional, or transitional, formal, casual, or whimsical. Cox encourages clients to experiment with sleek hardware on antique cabinetry and handcrafted accents on contemporary styles adding, “Some of these combinations really pop. They’re full of personality.”



Customers also approach Cox when they have purchased a piece of furniture that they just want customized with some fun hardware. “We’ve dressed up everything from old family pieces that need a little TLC to newly purchased treasures. It’s amazing how new hardware takes hold of a piece and reinvents it.”


“The anything-goes, no-holds-barred approach to decorative hardware is sometimes overwhelming to clients,” says Cox. “My suggestion is always to go with what grabs you. Once a selection is made, we have the technical expertise to know how to make it work from a functional perspective.”


“Great hardware is what completes a room or a piece of furniture,” says Cox. “It’s the icing on the cake, the jewel in the crown. It’s something meant to give great pleasure and be an interesting talking point at your next cocktail party!”



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