BLING IS THE THING | Diamondhead™ Crystal Nail Heads

Interior Designer Debbie DeMaria, and owner and Associate Donna Overly of Vogue Interiors, capture the creative spark and excitement of a fast growing trend of ‘bringing the bling’ to your bedroom and beyond, “Quite simply, bling is the interior fashion accessory of the year! Diamondhead™ Crystal Nail heads, manufactured by Rowley, bring sizzle and sophisticated sparkle to any room!  By simply adding accent crystals to a dreary head board, replacing the welting on an ottoman, or creating a cornice design that brings out the shimmer and sheen in your silky window treatments, can be just the multifaceted experience your room needs.”



These genuine Bohemian crystals from the Czech Republic are the hottest design trend right now! They are available in six stunning colors.  Add an accent color to make a certain shade in your tired out print really pop.  Consider the stunning effect of black crystals making a dramatic entrance into a black and white room or even the ‘ebony bling thing’ happening in your grey and white room.



Emphasis on the new bling-trend surfaces the question, “What fabrics might be best paired with these glittery accessories?”  Obviously, you might consider updating fabrics that currently possess their own unique sheen and shine, emphasizing the sparkle of these15mm diameter stone size in metallic settings.  Silks, Satins, organzas, and anything with a little silver, metallic or sparkly twist will compliment these little jewels.



Furniture jewelry can formalize a luscious linen sofa.  Adding iridescent crystal sea tones, can transform your casual beach furniture into real sun catchers.  When working with busier fabrics and super bold prints, be careful.  Bring in the experience and expertise of a professional designer, who has the vision to create just the look you want.  The too busy factor can sometimes cancel out the very detail you wish to highlight.



Crystal application is not limited to just fabric and furniture.  These nail heads can be applied to walls or other surfaces adding a unique and distinct design elements.  The system allows you to change the crystal without replacing nails, so you can create a new look on the same project at another time. Let your imagination take a tour around your room. For example, you might consider spiffing up your tired looking accent pillows.  In other words, put the bling in all things blah!



Historically, nail head trims date back to the French Country style from the 16th century.  Today, nail heads have evolved into all things bright, bold and beautiful! These little pops of metallic, metal and color can effortlessly update your décor. These unique and glamorous crystal heads invite brightness to a design’s edge, form, and shape and will accent the furniture’s lines.



Most designers will recommend installation by a professional to insure you have uniform placement.  Special hammer tools and templates are required for proper spacing.  After installation, keep your crystals sizzling and sparkly with an occasional damp cloth wipe down.


Bling is the thing!  The trendsetter in you will be sure to nail this one!


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By Maria Elena Coccari


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