BLINDED BY BEAUTY| Custom Plantation Shutters
When we think of plantation shutters, we are seduced by their romantic tropical shade they provide filtering the day’s sunlight, the colored angles of the wood, the shadow-play on the floors, and the reminiscent feeling of a bygone era. There is something so eloquent and timeless in a room flanked with plantation shutters, the light is softer, and the atmosphere is suddenly private and  timelessly elegant.

Your home’s interior can exude a classic sophistication with the simple addition of plantation shutters. Windows are transformed and defined, while also offering a practical, functional new interior window treatment.  According to Cindy Gayer, Owner and Designer of Window Wear Design, “Plantation shutters are one of the easiest window treatments to live with over time.  Unlike shades or draperies, it is not an all-or-nothing deal.  As the louvers are easily adjusted, your light source and view of the outside world can be at the level you specifically desire and determine.  While you may want to control your light source, as well as your privacy, you still want to capture and maintain your magnificent preserve or coastal view.”

Gayer also considers the importance that shutters add more dimension and value to your home, as they are a significant extension of your woodwork.   From a design standpoint, plantation shutters can blend in with any style of home, from a coastal beach cottage to a more contemporary home design.

As design trends evolve, so have shutter designs moving from the more traditional 3 ½” louver width to the 4 1/2” width, offering hidden tilt bars providing a cleaner, more modern line.  Plantation shutters can be stained or painted to match your existing woodwork or highlight an accent color, which further customizes the look you desire. How cute would a bay window in a breakfast nook be with white molding and bright turquoise blue plantation shutters?

In addition to color choices and accents, Gayer adds, “Custom hardware and a variety of styles and louver sizes expand your choices, allowing you to ‘see beyond your imagination (a favorite Window Wear Design slogan), when making this unique window treatment transition.” We are already dreaming of those sultry, rich walnut wood wide-louvered shutters filtering the sunset’s rays into a room. Imagine the possibilities…

She also emphasizes another Window Wear Design tag line, ‘Great Style Just Doesnt Happen, “When a homeowner is considering a major window treatment transition to plantation shutters, the focus on quality is an absolute must!  It is important that homeowners understand the distinct differences in the products available.  Shutters are not all the same. This is why we offer a lifetime warranty on shutter function and twenty-five years on paint.”

“All WWD shutters are made of wood for added strength and durability. This allows for customizing, allowing for larger size panels or other designs to be considered and built… “ shares Gayer.

A word of caution, shutters consisting of PVS materials can yellow and sag over time.  Cindy suggests that unless you intend to use them in a bathroom shower area where there is direct water contact, stick to the long lasting wood base.

While most manufacturers have switched to latex paint, WWD continues to use oil base paint.  Shutters are sprayed in a lint-free environment, sanded between each of the three coats, which result in an absolutely flawless finish.

Cindy strongly encourages, “Precise custom measurement and proper installation are a must!  It is important to enlist the expertise of an installer who engineers the job from start to finish, with years of experience under his/her belt.”

She further cautions, to make certain that your shutter source has not skimped on the painting process, where the wood grain is still visible.  In addition, consider the glue or other inferior parts that result in your shutters coming apart or deteriorating in a just few short years.

Other design sources take plantation shutters beyond interior window treatments, offering ideas for utilizing them for headboards, room dividers, console table tops, family picture wall mounts and many other exciting and creative “shutting in” design options.

Blind your home with the beauty of custom plantation shutters, diffuse the sunlight and revel in the classic design of these tropical beauties! Just a flip of the hardware for privacy, sun-shade or ambiance. Re-invent your windows with custom plantation shutters and bask in their beauty for years to follow.

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Written by Maria Elena Coccari

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