Best Bath Windows

Bathroom windows are often overlooked as design elements, but the best windows not only let in natural light, but offer creative options to transform your bath from boring to beautiful.

Well-chosen windows help the spaces appear more open, less restricted, and certainly less utilitarian. Once windows were limited to small, opaque vents set high in a wall, or old-fashioned sash windows used solely to meet the building code for ventilation. Now bathroom windows bring the outside in, set a mood, help create a sanctuary, or flood the space with golden sunshine. With some help from our friends at Andersen Windows, we show here some of the many types of design aided and enhanced by the correct window choice.

Here are some things to bear in mind when choosing your windows:

  • Usage: If your master bath contains an exercise or spa area, consider lots of venting windows to help fresh air circulation.
  • Privacy considerations: If you have a large window overlooking an inner courtyard or garden, no need for opaque glass to disrupt the view. Use lavish landscaping instead of window coverings or frosted glass. Or consider a judicious use of stained or art glass.
  • Window styles: Bay windows can add depth and dimension to smaller spaces. Different shapes (angular, oval, octagon, or round) provide architectural interest and no, all the windows needn’t match.
  • Placement: Avoid placing windows where direct sunlight will strike the bath’s main mirror. Also, natural light will affect how paint colors appear. Southern and western light may cause bright interior colors to appear too extreme, whereas eastern and northern sunlight may make cooler colors appear dull.
  • Skylights: In Southwest Florida leakage from heavy rains is a consideration. Proper installation of skylights is vital. If you plan to use skylights as additional ventilation, consider getting electronically operated windows.
  • Energy Efficiency: Use higher efficiency glass that incorporates low-E2 specs.

With some help from our friends at Andersen Windows, we show here some of the many types of bathroom design, aided and enhanced by the correct window choice.

Fresh Breath (above)

This bathroom features 400 Series Casement, Tilt-Wash Double-Hung, and Flexiframe Specialty Fixed Windows offering exceptional energy efficiency, rich natural wood interiors and low-maintenance exteriors.

Iconic Simplicity 

Awning windows can be installed in a series along the top of an exterior wall to provide a source of natural light without compromising privacy. This bathroom features 400 Series Awning windows with pine interior and Classic Series stone hardware.

Light & Luxury 

The addition of a bay or bow window not only adds actual space — it also creates an illusion of space that opens up an entire room, transforming it into something larger and more beautiful. This bathroom used Andersen’s 400 Series Casement Angle Bay Windows.

Exotic Privacy 

Casement and awning windows are ideal for maximum ventilation and look great in combination. This bathroom features 400 Series Awnings above 400 Series Casement windows. Pre-finished white interiors and stone colored hardware add the final touches.

Welcoming Warmth 

This bathroom features 400 Series Casement Windows and Patterned Glass in a Vertical Reed Pattern. The larger glass area lets in lots of natural light, adding to the warm atmosphere.

Traditional Retreat 

This bathroom features 400 Series Woodwright Double-Hung Windows with Colonial Grilles. These windows have a natural wood interior and tilt in for ease of cleaning.

The perfect choice of windows can help you create a bathroom where you can start your day in sunny warmth and, at day’s end, retreat to your own soothing sanctuary.

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