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Anna Maria Island is a quaint Barrier Island nestled in the Gulf of Mexico. Beautiful turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and pleasant temperatures have drawn visitors to this hidden gem for over 200 years. Until 1921, the island was only accessible by boat, and today it remains a place where “Old Florida” charm can still be found, flip flops are the way of life and the speed limit never exceeds 35mph. High rise condos and fast food restaurants are pleasantly absent from this pristine “get away from it all” island. Instead, the island offers a host of art galleries, boutique shops, fine and casual dining experiences, and abundant recreation adventures.  The entire island is a bird sanctuary, sea turtles come ashore to nest from May through October, and bottlenose dolphins are a frequent sight off the coast. From quaint rustic cottages by the sea to million-dollar villas there are accommodations for every style of leisure and luxury.

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